Hui Lv (Lyu)



Research Focus

Computer vision including: Video anomaly detection, Industry defeat detection, Lane marking detection, Pose estimation, etc.

Academic Achievements

-Hui Lv, Chen Chen, Zhen Cui, Chunyan Xu, Yong Li, Jian Yang. Learning Normal Dynamics in Videos with Meta Prototype Network. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021.       

-Hui Lv, Chuanwei Zhou, Chunyan Xu, Zhen Cui, Jian Yang. Localizing Anomalies from Weakly-Labeled Videos. IEEE Transaction on Image Processing (T-IP), 2021.       

-Hui Lv, Chunyan Xu, Zhen Cui. Global Information Guided Video Anomaly Detection. ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM), 2020.       

-Hui Lv, Chao Liu, Xiaowei Zhao, Chunyan Xu, Zhen Cui, Jian Yang. Lane Marking Regression from Confidence Area Detection to Field Inference. IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Vehicles (T-IV), 2020.

-专利: 崔振,Lvhui,许春燕,张桐,杨健。 一种基于图卷积网络的人体关键点检测方法。